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July 15, 2009


Owen ~ Well-born ~ Welsh

This simple and very sweet boy's name has a lot of appeal. Between it's ancient Gaelic roots and trendy sound, it's definitely hitting a soft spot in the hearts of parents. It's got a sweet innocence about it but also ages well.

Most believe that Owen comes from the Welsh form of Eoin and Ywain, which (oddly enough) shares roots with Eugene. Owen has a long history, as Ywain was the name of one of the Knights of the Round Table. Ywain was known for his honor and bravery. That's a pretty cool claim to fame for a little boy to bear.

One thing to keep in mind is that Owen is not unique by any stretch of the imagination. Owen is three times as popular as it was 10 years ago! It's rocketing up the charts. If you choose this name, don't be surprised to meet other little boys with the same name. The upside to that is your child will have a very well-liked name, and he'll never feel like it's too unique.
  • Owen is ranked at #38 in the US.
  • Similar names: Bowen, Evan, Ewan, Ian
  • Celebrities named Owen: Owen Wilson
  • Celebs who named their son Owen:
    Noah Wyle, Kevin Kline, Riki Lake, Stephen King

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December 17, 2008


Orlando ~ Famous Land ~ Italian

I always learn a lot when I research a name, and I can safely say that I had no idea such a unique and interesting name would have originated from the name Roland. Roland doesn't exactly catch my interest, but Orlando is a much different story. Brought to our attention recently via Orlando Bloom, this name sounds much more modern and cultured than its predecessor. Adding to its appeal is the fact that Orlando is also a place name that can be attributed to the Florida city (in the same vein as other popular names of cities like Madison or Aspen).

Few names that sound trendy have such a striking history. Orlando was the name of a character in Shakespeare's play As You Like It, written in 1599. It's the Italian form of Roland, which was also the name of a fictional character in Renaissance literature. The word Roland has German roots, using a combination of the term for "famous" and "land". But it's the Italian form that has us fascinated. And even if Orlando doesn't sound like a typical boys name, it's been in use in America for a very long time, maintaining a quietly steady status and hitting a high point in the 70s.

January 20, 2008


Omar ~ Hebrew ~ Eloquent (or long-lived in Arabic)

This name is showing a lot of potential in America, and it's been on a wavering but significant upward trend for half a century. There are several reasons for its continued popularity. First of all, it has a unique feel to it but is still pretty accessible. Secondly, its origin is Hebrew, and the name is mentioned in the Bible (he is the son of Esau). Omar is also a surname, making it a good fit for those who like a surname sound, or who want to honor a relative with this last name.

But let's face the obvious. I give you two words: Omar Epps. Teen girls swooned after him in Love and Basketball, and viewers of all kinds love seeing him in prime time's House, where he plays a brilliant doctor. He's an excellent actor who definitely made an impact on the name's popularity.

There are a lot of other contemporary Omars out there, many of them in sports. A few ancient men to bear this name include Omar Khayyám, a Persian poet, and Omar Bradley, a U.S. army general.

This name is number 131 in America. Omar is straight-forward enough that it won't have teachers scratching their heads when it comes to roll-call. And that's a great combination, if you ask me.