January 12, 2008


Avery ~ Ruler of Elves ~ English

My husband and I were visiting a preschool classroom one day when I saw a colorful display of students’ names on the wall along with their photos. The name I was the most drawn to was a girl named Avery. This confused my husband. “You mean, like the label company?” he asked. I had to laugh, because even though I see this word everywhere in my office, I’d never thought of that take on it. Needless to say, some people might think of a company instead of a name when they hear Avery, but I still think it’s a very cool choice.

Avery is catching on like cheesy games at a baby shower right now. It was the number 52 name in 2006 for girls, and I expect it to climb considerably for 2007. Because it’s a unisex name, some parents are using it for boys, and it sat at number 212 as a male name in 2006. Avery is a bit of an exception when it comes to unisex names in that it originated from a female name: Aubrey. It is also a surname.

Celebrities adore the name Avery. Here's a sampling of how it's been used by stars in recent years:

Avery Grace, daughter of Angie Harmon
Avery Jack, son of Sara Evans
Avery James, son of Leanza Cornett

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  1. Actually Avery comes from the male name Alfred.