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I seem to have an obsession with names. Since I was a kid, I made a hobby out of making name lists and pouring through name books for fun. It's partly a love of language and partly an interest in identity and pop culture. I decided to share my love of names with the world a few years ago while my husband was busy with grad school. I love that my little hobby grew into a hub of information and inspiration to share with all of you.

There are a few different type of posts on Nameisms. I often write about a single girl's or boy's name, including lots of details like history, popularity, meaning, and celebrity connections. My most popular posts are themed name lists, like Western Baby Names, Nature Names, or Fashion Designer Names, for example. You'll also find a variety of articles on the naming process.

Naming your baby can be a tough decision, but the process is something you should enjoy. Parents want to choose a name that they love and feel connected to, and I want each post to help make that choice easier. I'm flattered that I've been able to help many of you in the process!

Outside of this website, you can find me at namecandy.com, where I guest post once a month. I'm also excited to help Laura Wattenberg with monitoring the amazing name database at babynamewizard.com.

Please have fun looking around, and feel free to email me at nameisms {at} gmail {dot} com with name suggestions or anything baby-name related.

~ Laura

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