February 2, 2008

Apple Varieties & Baby Names

Surprise would probably be an understatement when I think of the reaction most of America had upon hearing Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter was named Apple. Some called it ridiculous, cruel, or just eccentric. But celebrities are allowed to be eccentric. And I have a feeling Apple won't be stuffed into too many lockers, since she is the daughter of a rock star and a prolific actress. (How do ultra-rich celebrities educate their kids anyway? I wonder if lockers are even involved.)

So, when it comes to the rest of us, we might be half-inspired by such a gutsy choice, but also aware that Apple isn't exactly practical for the soccer field. But what about...stick with me here...apple varieties? Some of them are actually quite lyrical. Yes, you'd have to be on the adventurous side to pick some of them, but I don't think you'd have to be a celebrity either. I say it never hurts to look in odd places for inspiration, even if it is in the aisle of your supermarket.

A few apple varieties that are also names

(many of them are already in your baby name book)
  • Ambrosia

  • Arlet

  • Braeburn

  • Bramley

  • Brock

  • Cortland

  • Gala

  • Jonagold

  • Jubilee

  • Reinette

  • Rome

  • York
See? They are definitely more down-to-earth than Apple, and they all have a lyrical quality with subtle hints to the fall season.

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