July 17, 2008


Micah ~ Who is Like God? ~ Hebrew

Origins and History
The other day, a new employee was introduced to the company I work for in an email. My coworker called over our cube wall, "Hey, that must be a hippie name, huh?" I thought, truly perplexed. Then it dawned on me: the new guy, Micah, has a name that also sounds like mica, the mineral. And that is something entirely different.

Micah has Hebrew origins. It's a book of the Old Testament, named for a prophet, or a man chosen by God to speak to people. Micah calls the people to change their sinful ways, reminding them of the blessing that would follow. He speaks of mercy and compassion from God.

Micah is very similar to the more classic name Michael, but it's not considered a short form of that name. Micah stands on its own as a full name. And like Noah, this name is proving itself to be quite on-trend.

It's a lovely name with rich Biblical history, but I also like it for the odd-yet-obvious connection my coworker made: mica, the mineral. I used to admire it on vacation in the Black Hills, where it covered the forest floor, making the ground sparkle.

A Name For Boys or Girls?
I have known one person with this name—a woman who was a friend of my older sister's. Though it's traditionally a male name, some use it for girls too, and I can see the charm it has either way.
  • For 2014, Micah is nationally ranked at 109 for boys and 994 for girls. This name is leaning blue, so to speak.
  • Micah was the name of a character in Heroes, a child prodigy who has special abilities with electronics.
  • Not many celebs are named Micah, but here's one: Micah Alberti

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