October 27, 2008


Blake ~ Black; Pale ~ Old English

Blake is a name that takes us back to the '80s, when affluent families and primetime drama often drove name trends. But despite the '80s connotation and character from Dynasty, Blake is more popular today than it was then, or any other time for that matter. And that tells me that even if Blake maintains a sort of preppy '80s status at all, it will become more of an anecdote than the first thing we think of.

So what is the first thing we think of? It's a good question. After searching the web, I found opinions like these: masculine, handsome, feminine, rich kid, baseball player, preppy, rebel, blond hair, dark hair, spiked hair, tennis player, surfer. Here's my first thought: a singer in a rock band.

It's no wonder that there are a variety of images that Blake conjures for us; even the name's meaning is contradictory. But that's not a negative thing—it just allows the name to have a broader reach. Whatever the impressions of the name are, chances are high it's going to hit people really well. I really like it because the sound is nice and it's uncomplicated.

Famous Blakes
  • Blake Shelton (country singer)
  • Blake Alderidge (British Synchro Diver)
  • Blake Lewis (American Idol contestant)
  • Blake Lively (female; actress on Gossip Girl and in Traveling Pants movies)
  • 84 for boys (for 2014)
  • 589 for girls (for 2014)

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