June 12, 2009


Updated Sept 2015
Quinn ~ Wise ~ Gaelic, Irish

A Stylish Unisex Name
The burning question on all our minds is which gender this baby name should be used for. If that's you, you've come to the right place, but the answer might not be what you're looking for: both. Quinn has been used in America for boys since 1960. It has a longer history as a boy's name, but like several Celtic names, the possibility for crossover is high (think Corey, Kelly).

We first began to see Quinn used more steadily for girls in 1995. It's been gaining momentum as a girl's name at a fairly swift pace ever since. In the year 2010, parents began to choose Quinn more often for girls than for boys, and that trend has continued steadily for the past four years.

One reason may be the female character named Quinn on the show Glee. After having exposure to millions of viewers, it can be hard for some to think of Quinn as a boy's name. While Quinn is familiar both as a feminine and a masculine name, it looks like this name is slowly leaning toward girls.

Can you still use Quinn for a boy? Absolutely. For a girl? Definitely.

History & Meaning
Quinn has long-standing roots as an Irish surname. The surname means "Descendant of Conn" but my most trusted sources cite the meaning "wise". Both are legitimate because conn means wise. You'll find either of these definitions depending on your source.

Quinn is a familiar surname today, and not just for the Irish, but across Europe, North America, and Australia. In fact, Quinn is most popular in Canada. Quinn's history as an Irish surname means it's still a gender free-for-all. The name is cute but not childish, and it sounds fresh and stylish for either gender.

Facts & More Information
  • For the year 2014, Quinn is ranked at #126 for girls and #363 for boys.
  • Celebs with the surname Quinn:
    • Aidan Quinn
    • Colin Quinn
    • Aileen Quinn
    • Elizabeth Quinn
    • Molly C. Quinn
    • Terry O'Quinn
  • Celebs who chose Quinn for their child's name
    • Sharon Stone
    • Sean Young
    • Christopher (Kit) Culkin
    • Patricia Quinn
    • Coby Bell
  • Quinn is/was a female character on t.v. shows Glee, One Tree Hill, and Zoey 101.
  • Similar names: Quincy, Quentin, Quinley


  1. I'm not a huge fan of this. I find it too masculine on a female. Its not very appealing on a little girl in my honest opinion.

  2. Well, I like this Name.
    It is short, cute and stylish.
    In my opinion this name is for all genders.

  3. I have a female ancestor (from the early 1800s) named Quinna. She died giving birth to her 15th and final child, a daughter also named Quinna. Both of these women went by Quinnie or Quinney. I like those forms for girls, but I would probably only use Quinn for a boy.

  4. Katey- I love Quinna! What a great twist on this name, with a little more feminine flair. Lovely.


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