January 22, 2013

Baby Names for Valentine's Day

Feeling romantic? These sweet baby names are perfect expressions of love for a Valentine's Day baby.

Take a stroll through any drugstore, supermarket, or big box store, and it’s hard to forget that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This saint’s day has become an occasion to express love through gifts known as valentines as early as the 15th century.

If you’re looking for a baby name that conveys love, reminds you of your favorite love story, or marks the occasion of a birth or conception in February, read on. Love is in the air, and in these names as well.

Names from Famous Love Stories (new and old)

  • Lancelot and Guinevere ~ Arthurian legend
  • Tristan and Isolde ~ Celtic legend
  • Paris and Helena ~ Homer’s Iliad
  • Odysseus and Penelope ~ The Odyssey
  • Romeo and Juliet ~ Shakespeare
  • Fitzwilliam (Darcy) and Elizabeth ~ Pride and Prejudice
  • Rhett and Scarlett ~ Gone with the Wind
  • Jack and Rose ~ The Titanic
  • Noah and Allie ~ The Notebook
  • Edward and Bella ~ The Twilight Saga

Names with Meanings Related to Love

  • Amora ~ Love, Spanish
  • Amy ~ Beloved, Latin
  • Carys ~ Love, Welsh
  • Cherish ~ English
  • Coriander ~ Romance, Greek
  • David ~ Beloved, cherished, Hebrew
  • Erasmus ~ Loved, Greek
  • Freya ~ Goddess of love, Scandinavian
  • Kalila ~ Beloved, Arabic
  • Karenza ~ Love, Cornish
  • Love ~ English
  • Nayeli ~ I love you, Native American
  • Ramita ~ Loved, Sanskrit
  • Roman, Rome ~ From Rome (origin of the word “romantic”), Latin
  • Venus ~ Goddess of love, Latin
  • Vida ~ Beloved, Hebrew

Names with Connections to Valentine’s Day

  • Candy or Candace ~ iconic Valentine gift
  • Cupid
  • Olive ~ an anagram of “I Love”, looks like “I love” when silently mouthed
  • Rose ~ iconic Valentine flower
  • Theodore ~ the name that inspired "teddy" bears
  • Valentina, Valentine, or Valentino

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  1. Some of these names are really interesting. I kinda like Freya, Carys, and Nayeli... :)


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