March 8, 2013

Girls' Names Beginning with W

My quest to find the perfect girls' name beginning with W goes back to my days as a child in my mom's daycare. She only had a few other kids, but one of them was a beautiful baby named Whitney. Adoring the child and the name just went hand-in-hand for me. It was the early 80s and I loved everything to do with my era. Sequins, legwarmers, Lisa Frank, Michael Jackson, crimped hair in a side ponytail...if it was 80s, I loved it. The name Whitney was, of course, inspired by the iconic 80s star Whitney Houston, but the name had more staying power than some of its counterparts.

For those of you who are fans of feminine names beginning with W, you don't have to return to the 80s for inspiration. Here are today's most popular choices, as well as some lovely options that are less frequently used.

Girls' Names Beginning with W

Currently in America's Top 1,000 Names
  1. Willow ~ English ~ The willow tree
  2. Whitney ~ English ~ White island
  3. Wendy ~ created by Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie 
  4. Willa ~ German ~ Protector
  5. Winter ~ English ~ the season

More Unique Options
  • Waverly ~ German ~ Wanderer
  • Whitley ~ English ~ White meadow
  • Wilona ~ English ~ To desire
  • Winifred ~ Welsh ~ Holy peace
  • Winona ~ Native American ~ Firstborn daughter
  • Winslet ~ an English surname
  • Winslow ~ an English surname
  • Wren ~ English ~ the bird
  • Wynne ~ Welsh ~ Fair, white
  • Wyoming ~ English ~ the state

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