September 14, 2015

My Top 20 Favorite Baby Names for Fall

I originally wrote this article for Baby Name Wizard and have tweaked it a bit for this blog. Enjoy!

This morning the temperature was in the 40s, and I did a little happy dance and ran to pull out my favorite pumpkin everything. I'm not only thinking autumn decor, clothes, foods, and smells, I'm thinking fall baby names. There's something especially inspiring about this time of year and names that celebrate the season are just as rich and lovely as those beautiful changing leaves.

My favorite names for autumn go beyond some of the classic choices into names inspired by their meanings, colors, and connections to fall foods and activities. Some are surprising, some are spot-on, and a few are, well, just a little bit of a stretch. After all, a little imagination could be just what you need to find that perfect name this season.
  1. Sienna ~ This Italian earthy orange-red pigment is the perfect fall shade and baby name. It’s also familiar to us as the more fiery burnt sienna, a brown-red that has been used by painters and little Crayola coloring artists for ages. Actress Sienna Miller has made this name even more appealing.
  2. Archer ~ This name, meaning "bowman," is a nod to the bow-and-arrow season that is just beginning to kick off across the country. Archer is becoming more popular with each year, though it’s far from over-used.
  3. Aurelia ~ If you love the colors of fall like I do, this Latin name meaning “golden” could be perfect for your little one. Choose Aurelia now if you want to be ahead of the curve—it’s recently broken the top 1,000 names and is showing lots of potential.
  4. Garner ~ Garner is an unusual choice that means "to harvest grain" in Latin. It’s ripe with potential, and two celeb babies have Garner for a middle name—Samuel Garner, son of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, and Haven Garner, daughter of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.
  5. November ~ November is another spot-on choice with stunning nicknames Nova and Ember. Not far away in popularity are fitting Fall names September and October.
  6. Oakley ~ An English surname meaning "oak clearing," oak trees are a hallmark of the season between their colorful leaves and festive acorns. Oakley is another lovely choice that is just beginning to catch on with parents.
  7. Jack ~ A fitting name for your little jack-o-lantern, Jack is an unexpected reference to both Halloween and to Jack Frost, who begins to visit us this time of year and is said to color the leaves in the fall.
  8. Autumn ~ Altogether apropos, Autumn is pretty and especially meaningful for a baby with fall-loving parents. This top-100 name is taking off and has yet to hit its peak.
  9. Sage ~ A fall-inspired color as well as a savory spice, Sage is a quintessential part of the Thanksgiving meal. The name Sage is starting to make a splash among parents, including celebs like Pink and Toni Collette.
  10. Jora ~ This rare name is Hebrew for "autumn rain" and comes with sweet variations Jorah, Jorie, and Jory.
  11. Arlet ~ I love anything that’s apple-inspired this season, including baby names like Arlet, which is a variety of apple related to Golden Delicious. The name has French roots and it’s more commonly spelled Arlette.
  12. Clove ~ A fragrant spice that will be garnishing our hot drinks, desserts, and holiday hams this fall, Clove is both a pretty and frill-free baby name. (Sorry, Cinnamon!)
  13. DemiDemetria ~ The Greek goddess of the harvest comes with a Hollywood-inspired variation. The name Demi is showing signs of life with the help of singing starlet Lovato.
  14. Hunter ~ Fall rings in the hunting season, and whether or not you are a fan of wild game, this top-ranking name is sure to please.
  15. Teresa and Tessa ~ The classic Greek-turned-Italian name Teresa has a lovely Autumn connection in its meaning, "harvest". While Teresa has been falling in popularity, one of its charming short forms, Tessa, has lots of staying power.
  16. Aspen ~ Aspens are mountain-loving poplar trees with dazzling fall foliage in shades of yellow and gold. This nature name is starting to take off and just recently broke into the top 500.
  17. Scarlett ~ A bold red that reminds us of the color of maple leaves, Scarlett is a red-hot favorite that hasn’t looked back since Ms. Johansson hit the silver screen.
  18. Brock ~ Another irresistible apple variety, Brock is an Old English name meaning "badger". And—don’t laugh—it even shares its sound with our favorite brand of candy corns and pumpkins, Brach’s. I try.
  19. Raven ~ Edgar Allen Poe’s famous gothic poem The Raven gives this name a little bit of spook factor. Raven was most popular as a girls’ name in 1993, though it’s still got plenty of life left.
  20. Arista ~ An energetic Greek name meaning "harvest," Arista hits the mark perfectly for a unique but stylish Fall name. She also happens to be the name of one of Ariel's sisters in Disney's The Little Mermaid movies.
What names strike you as perfect Fall (or Autumn)? Share your favorites with the whole class!

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