November 3, 2015


Logan ~ Little Hollow ~ Scottish Gaelic

This strong, lovable name is sitting at an all-time peak right now, proving its charm and Gaelic roots combine with its trendy ending to create a powerhouse of a name with the perfect mix of appeal.

A Scottish surname, Logan means "little hollow" and describes a place. In fact, you can still find the small community of Logan in East Ayrshire of southwest Scotland. The clan name can be found as far back as 1204. The last of the Logan clan found in Ayrshire inspired a book of puns and anecdotes called The Laird of Logan, which is known as a typical example of Scottish humor and wit. The Introduction, titled "What is and What is not in a Name," cites their iconic jester to be a man named Hugh Logan.

Logan has been given as a first name for ages, but not with much frequency until recently. In the US, this name did its worst from the 30s to the 60s, actually hitting rock bottom at a rank of 1,000 in 1967. But it's remained on our radar for more than a century, showing a bit of use in the late 1800s before starting to take off again in the 1970s. That's when this name got its big break with the sci-fi movie Logan's Run, which debuted in '76. Ever since, it's been a swift road to the top.

Today Logan is ranked at 13. It's a top 20 hit that still hasn't hit its peak! While I do expect it to begin to drop eventually, Logan will remain a favorite. For girls, it's currently sitting at 391.

I consider Logan to be a "new classic," a name that has so much appeal once it catches on that it's not likely to fade away anytime soon. It's a contemporary hit with a trendy feel, but it has strong roots with a lengthy history and some antique qualities, making it charming on every level.
Famous Namesakes
  • Logan Lerman, actor
  • Logan Henderson, actor/singer
  • Logan Marshall-Green, actor
  • Logan Ramsey, actor
Fictional Characters
TV shows in particular have seen their share of characters named Logan. You could find a character named Logan on:
  • Big Time Rush
  • Dark Angel
  • General Hospital
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Veronica Mars
Logan is also the alias of the X-Men character Wolverine.

Celebrity Babies
  • Logan Lee, daughter of Jason Mewes and Jordan Monsanto
  • Logan Phineas, son of Ryan Murphy and David Miller
  • Logan Ryan, son of Jennifer Hoffman Fowler and Ryan Fowler
  • Logan Vincent, son of Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert

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