February 17, 2016


Brooklyn ~ the city, broken land ~ American

The most popular girls' name starting with a B, Brooklyn is a top choice that speaks to an affinity for the sounds in Brooke and Lynn, even more than a love of the city. It's a fashionable mashup name that's also got loads of big city style.

The New York City borough Brooklyn got its name from Dutch settlers who chose Breukelen, a town in the Netherlands translated to "broken land," as inspiration for their settlement. The name was anglicized to Brooklyn, though it still holds on to its Dutch roots. If you're looking for an official meaning for the name, "broken land" is pretty accurate.

The girls' name Brooklyn is decidedly modern and came to us even before the trendsetting Beckham family chose this name for their son, born in 1999. It was the idea of this name that started to take root more than the Beckham's particular execution. We loved the sound of it, suddenly realizing that the city makes perfect sense for a girls' name, formed out of feminine favorites Brooke and Lynn. Even though names inspired by places have become a trend, it was the feel of this name rather than any romantic notions of the borough that drove our interest to obsession-level love.

Brooklyn has been riding a tidal wave of popularity since it debuted on the charts back in 1990. It currently sits at 26, and while it's been bumped around a bit in the stats, it's become quite comfortable in the 20s for the past four years. Here's how the popularity looks over time, from the Baby Name Wizard:

It's a sharp rise to the top, creating a spike that translates to a modern favorite.

  • Brooklynn
  • Brook
Celebrity Namesakes
  • Brooklyn Decker, actress
  • Brooklyn James, author/singer

Celebrity Babies
  • Brooklyn Joseph, son of David & Victoria Beckham
  • Brooklyn Elisabeth, daughter of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnilo

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