November 20, 2012


updated Sept 2014
Luna ~ Moon ~ Latin

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Meaning & Associations
Luna is unique in that it feels like a word name even though we don't use it that way. It originally was a nature name as the Latin word for the moon. It's also the Roman goddess or personification of the moon.

This name has a lot of different associations, but for me the predominant one is a perfect starry night under the light of a clear moon. That's what I thought of when I first met someone by this name back in my college days. I thought her name was surprising and poetic.

Another beautiful link to this name is the Luna Moth, known for its astonishing lime color. If you've ever run across one, it's a very memorable experience. Luna moths are also known for symbolizing rebirth and transformation. They get their name from their nighttime activity and moon-like spots.

Other less common associations could be Luna Bars, the diving birds named loons, or even (sigh) loony. I have personal experience with being affectionately nicknamed Loony, and it wasn't so bad, mostly because it never stuck. In reality I have a feeling that this similar-sounding word is a reason that people shy away from choosing the name Luna. It may seem like it doesn't help that "Loony" Luna Lovegood was an often-teased character in the Harry Potter series...but in fact, that very character is what sparked parents' imaginations to use this beautiful name for their daughters.

Popularity & Use
No matter what this name makes you think of, Luna is a rising star (or should I say moon?) in the naming world. It's been on a sharp upward trend since it returned to the name charts in 2003. Parents are beginning to see the charm this name has and I believe it'll continue to be used for years to come. It's a fresh and fashionable choice.
  • Luna is ranked at #143 in the US for the year 2014

Celebrity babies named Luna
  • Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson are using this name for their daughter, though her full official name is actually Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson.
  • Constance Marie and Kent Katich chose this name for their daughter.
  • Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery chose this as a middle name for daughter Stella Luna.

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  1. Luna is used in Harry Potter for the character Luna Lovegood. I really like it but they might think it is linked to Harry Potter


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