December 3, 2015

In a One-Horse Open Sleigh: Baby Names Inspired by Horses

The second part in my series based on the opening lyrics of Jingle Bells takes us to the countryside once again. These equine-inspired names herald from English, western, and exotic places, creating a group that is beautiful and full of variety. There is a surprising amount of names that pay homage to horses, and they are perfectly expressive for anyone who loves horses and wants to share that passion with their child.

  • Caspian ~ a small breed of horse
  • Clyde ~ an area in Scotland where the Clydesdale gets its name
  • Colt ~ young horse, young horse trainer ~ English
  • Destrier ~ a medieval war horse
  • Eachann, Aken, Hector ~ Brown horse ~ Gaelic
  • Epona ~ Great mare ~ Celtic
  • Eponine ~ Great mare ~ French variation of Epona
  • Garron ~ type of horse, a term used in Scotland and Ireland
  • Oisin, Osheen ~ Stag ~ Irish Gaelic
  • Phillip ~ Lover of horses ~ Greek
  • Philippa, Pippa ~ Lover of horses ~ Greek
  • Ryder ~ Knight, Messenger ~ Old English
  • Rosamund ~ Horse, Protection ~ Old French
  • Morgan ~ an American horse breed, also a Welsh name meaning circle
  • Sadler, Saddler ~ Saddle maker ~ English
  • Trigger ~ Roy Rogers' horse 

If you missed it, take a look at the other name lists in this series.

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