December 1, 2015

Dashing Through the Snow: Snowy Baby Names

In case you're wondering, I do find it odd that this isn't the first time I've written about the song Jingle Bells. I promise, I'm not obsessed. It's just that Jingle Bells is so universal and apparently inspiring as a prime example of winter fun. Also, I have a toddler.

This is the first in what will be a four-part series of names inspired by the opening lyrics of Jingle Bells. We begin with Dashing Through the Snow, a list of lovely names related to our favorite thing about this time of year—I mean, if it's going to be cold, we'd prefer a white blanket of falling snow to decorate our landscape. Here are names perfect for your little snow baby.

Snowy Names
  • Eira ~ Snow ~ Welsh
  • Gwyneira ~ White/Holy snow ~ Welsh
  • Lumi ~ Snow ~ Finnish
  • Nevada ~ Snow-capped ~ Spanish, American
  • Nieve ~ Snow ~ Spanish
  • Snow ~ English
  • Yuki ~ Happiness, Snow ~ Japanese

Winter White Names
  • Bianca ~ White ~ Italian
  • Blanca ~ White ~ Spanish
  • Fiona ~ White, Fair ~ Gaelic
  • Finn ~ White ~ Irish Gaelic
  • Gwendolyn ~ White ring, bow ~ Welsh
  • Ivory ~ Creamy white ~ English
  • Pearl ~ White gemstone ~ English
  • Whitley ~ White woods ~ English
Love these snowy names? Follow the whole series on Jingle-Bells-inspired names below.

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