February 17, 2016


Brooklyn ~ the city, broken land ~ American

The most popular girls' name starting with a B, Brooklyn is a top choice that speaks to an affinity for the sounds in Brooke and Lynn, even more than a love of the city. It's a fashionable mashup name that's also got loads of big city style.

December 10, 2015

Laughing All the Way: Cheerful Baby Names

It's time for the last in my series on names inspired by the lyrics of Jingle Bells, and it's the perfect happy ending, one brought to us by the phrase "laughing all the way." Here are a few charming names with a joyful spirit that are sure to have you smiling all year long.

December 8, 2015

O'er the Fields We Go: Baby Names Inspired by Wide Open Spaces

The third part in my series based on the opening lyrics of Jingle Bells offers an impressive variety of names. They are beautiful choices inspired by the countryside, and while some feel like a laid-back nature name, others have a distinguished prim and proper flair. That's because lots of these names come from Old English, where the hills and valleys of the country became surnames that are proving to be an on-trend choice in given names today.

December 3, 2015

In a One-Horse Open Sleigh: Baby Names Inspired by Horses

The second part in my series based on the opening lyrics of Jingle Bells takes us to the countryside once again. These equine-inspired names herald from English, western, and exotic places, creating a group that is beautiful and full of variety. There is a surprising amount of names that pay homage to horses, and they are perfectly expressive for anyone who loves horses and wants to share that passion with their child.