January 12, 2008

A Blog about Baby Names

Welcome to Nameisms!

I seem to have an obsession with names. I used to sit around making lists of names I loved, pouring through name books for fun. It's partly a love of language and partly an interest in identity and pop culture. Mostly I just have fun and want to pass on inspiration and ideas. And that is how Nameisms got started.

There are a few different type of posts on Nameisms. I often write about a single girls' or boys' name, including lots of details like the name's history, popularity, meaning, and celebrities or famous people with the name. I also love to create name lists in a variety of categories, like Western Baby Names, Nature Names, or Fashion Designer Names, for example. You'll also find a variety of articles on the naming process too. A lot of research goes into each post.

Naming your baby can be a tough decision. Choosing a good name is important, but the decision process is something you (and your partner) should enjoy. Parents want to choose a name that they love and feel connected to, and I want each post to help make that choice easier.

I love doing this because it's the kind of resource I would want to find if I were naming a child. Hopefully you will find it useful as well. Please have fun looking around, and feel free to email me at nameisms[at]gmail[dot]com with name suggestions or anything baby-name related!

- Laura


  1. I love your blog. I am always searching for new baby name blogs to connect and network with other baby name enthusiasts. It would be awesome if you checked my blog out and left some comments at www.legitnames.blogspot.com

    I am looking forward to future posts on your blog.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for this blog! It's my favorite name website so far, because of the way you have compiled lists. I hope you will continue to update often!


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