February 25, 2009


Updated Sept 2015

Wyatt ~ Strength in War ~ Old English

Wyatt is quickly becoming a stylish name. It had seen a slow rise in popularity beginning in the 80s, until a little movie called Wyatt Earp came out in 1994. This epic silver screen hit cast Kevin Costner as the lead and was nominated for an academy award. And that's what lit the flame behind Wyatt's super-hot chart-climbing status. It jumped up 178 places that year, and the momentum has continued ever since.

Its history as the name of the famous sheriff of the wild west gives the name serious cowboy overtones. If you have a western lifestyle or a flair for country music, for example, you might love this choice. (Find more western names here.) You also might love it if you're looking for something that stands out from the typical trendy names for boys but is still fashionable. With its double -tt ending, Wyatt is perfectly contemporary and refreshingly western at the same time.

The name Zane is probably Wyatt's biggest cowboy competition in names right now, but it's much less popular and ranks in the 200s. Wyatt is on the same level in my mind as a name like Rhett. It's totally cute, and a little iconic.

Recent statistics show it's on an upward trend and it's a more popular choice than many people might expect. Wyatt is ranked at #39 for 2014 in the US.

Wyatt for girls?
If you're worried this name has a chance to cross over to unisex territory, I can reassure you that it won't. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher created a huge stir when they chose Wyatt for their daughter, but there were very, very few copycats. Specifically, only 14 girls born last year were given the name Wyatt, and one of those girls was a Kutcher. It's nowhere near the top 1,000 for girls. I think Wyatt has loads of masculine appeal and it will continue to strike us all as a charming boys' name.

Celebrity Babies
  • Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's daughter Wyatt Isabelle
  • Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Wright's son Wyatt Oliver
  • Sheryl Crow's son Wyatt Steven
  • Kevin Costner's son Cayden Wyatt
  • Actor Wyatt Russell, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell's son
Famous Wyatts & Pop Culture
  • Famous Wyatts in history
    • Wyatt Earp, western officer of the law
    • Thomas Wyatt, poet and knight, suitor of Anne Boleyn
  • The TV show Charmed featured a baby named Wyatt, he's the son of the main character


  1. My husband and I named our first baby, Wyatt two years ago. We went through several baby name books and finally came to the end of the W's in one of them and we both looked at eachother and knew Wyatt was the perfect name.

  2. In the 1969 film Easy Rider, the lead character's name is Wyatt. He is played by Peter Fonda.

  3. We named our son Wyatt. I loved it when George Strait played in Pure Country. I love George and I loved when he always said his name. My name is Wyatt! So we have a Wyatt now and he will tell you he is a cowboy! lol

  4. My name is Wyatt. Don't give this name to your child. All old people always think you're saying "Ryan" and then they never understand when you correct them. And no matter what, people always say, "Oh, like Wyatt Earp?". No. It's not this worth it to have an "original" name.

    1. That is so weird - tons of people have thought they heard Ryan when I was telling them my sons name is Wyatt.

    2. i get "white" a lot. lol.

  5. I had my first son 5 years ago and named him Wyatt. I actually didn't even think about Wyatt Earp. I heard it on the show "Charmed" and it stuck with me.

  6. Funny...I used to live in Philadelphia on a street called Earp. When I had to give my address I would say Earp Street...like Wyatt Earp. I kind of got fond of the name. My name is Claire and for some reason people often think I am saying Chris. I still like my name though.


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