October 8, 2015

Boy Meets Girl: Feminine Forms of Male Names in the Bible

One of my most popular posts is on biblical baby names of all kinds. It's a list full of classics, trendy options, and unusual names alike divided by gender. In that post, I discussed the fact that there are many more male names mentioned in the Bible than female names, and the list shows it. But there was one thing I left out: The gorgeous, endearing feminine forms of male names in the Bible.

There's a lot to discover here across many different naming styles. The first names on the list are the most popular, followed by lesser-used options. They are all easy to love, and keep the same biblical spirit of their male counterparts, plus some fresh femininity. I hope you are as inspired as I am!

Most Popular

  1. Addison ~ from the surname that means Adam's son; a roundabout feminine form of Adam
  2. Samantha ~ an American combined name honoring Samuel, plus Anthea
  3. Gabriella ~ the Latinate form of the angelic name Gabriel
  4. Julia ~ the feminine form of Julius
  5. Andrea ~ comes from the Greek name Andrew 
  6. Nicole ~ from Nicholas, a person found in the New Testament
  7. Josephine ~ the feminine form of Joseph
  8. Gabrielle ~ the French feminine form of Gabriel
  9. Michelle ~ the French form of Michel, derived from Michael, a biblical angel
  10. Stephanie ~ the English feminine form of Stephen
  11. Lucia ~ feminine form of Lucius, the name of two people mentioned in the New Testament
  12. Jacqueline ~ feminine form of Jacques, the French form of James
  13. Danielle, Daniella ~ from the biblical dream interpreter, Daniel
  14. Jane ~ Old French feminine form of John
  15. Michaela ~ a recent trendsetter derived from the name Michael
  16. Jamie ~ a variation of the name James
  17. Simone ~ feminine form of Simon

Lesser Used

  • Benjamine ~ the French feminine form of Benjamin
  • Claudia ~ from the name Claudius, briefly mentioned in the New Testament
  • Danette ~ another feminine form of Daniel
  • Davida, Davina ~ feminine forms of David
  • Iliana ~ feminine form of Elias
  • Jacoba, Jacobine ~ feminine forms of Jacob
  • Janae, Janet, Johnna, Shauna ~ feminine forms of John
  • JoelleJoella ~ English feminine forms of Joel
  • Junia ~ from the name Junius, mentioned in the New Testament
  • Mattea ~ the Italian take on Matthew for girls
  • Micah ~ masculine in the Bible, some are choosing this name for girls today
  • Paula, Paulina ~ feminine forms of Paul
  • Petra ~ from the name Peter
  • Philippa, Pippa ~ feminine forms of Philip
  • Tamsin ~ English feminine form of Thomas

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